Successful Return to Work

Disability Management and Return-to-Work Services

Our Disability Management and Return-to-Work Services help organizations develop and implement Return-to-Work and Stay-at-Work strategies that allow them to return their employees to work in a safe, cost-effective and productive manner.

Customized Disability Management Membership

Our Disability Management and Return-to-Work Services assist small, medium and large employers across Canada to focus on their core business goals while enjoying freedom from managing work-related injuries, short-term and long-term disability claims. Our customized membership plans include access to qualified Disability Management and Return-to-Work professionals, medical experts, employment lawyers and a broad range of health and safety tools and resources.

Most of all, our membership plans will relieve employers of the pressure of dealing with disability claims and allow employees to return-to-work in a safe and productive manner.

Diversified offers three membership plans:

  • Gold: This membership plan is best suited to employers with complex and diverse needs, who are self-insured for short-term disability and require assistance in managing all return-to-work related operations. Diversified will provide claims adjudication and will assist with Workers’ Compensation, and Long-Term Disability claims.
  • Silver: This membership plan is best suited to employers with common issues related to injury and disability claims under Workers’ Compensation, Medical Employment Insurance, Short-Term and Long-Term Disability claims.
  • Bronze: This membership plan is typically best suited for small employers or employers who require support with occasional complex Disability Management and Return-to-Work needs.

View a summary of our membership plans.

The Foundation of Our Services

All of our Disability Management and Return-to-Work Services are based on the Client-Focused Return-to-Work Model that was developed by Diversified in 2012. This model uses evidence-based predictors of successful return-to-work and is grounded in theory from the disability management literature. Since its development, this model has been used successfully in the cases of over 15,000 clients with diverse and complex needs. This model moves away from the medically driven, reactive approach and towards a client-driven, proactive approach.

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