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Employee and Family Wellness Program (EFWP)

The objective of the Employee & Family Wellness Program (EFWP) is to enable employees or a member of an employee’s family experiencing problems or difficulties, to voluntarily seek professional counselling. No matter what stage or age of life, everyone may use some help and guidance, which EFWP offers.

Where an employee (or a member of an employee’s family) encounters personal problems or difficulties, there may be a reduction in work performance as well as their ability to fulfill his or her career objectives.

Such problems and difficulties may adversely affect the employee, the employee’s workplace colleagues and members of the employee’s family.

Prolonged personal problems or difficulties may cause an employee to miss days of work and may lead to the need to seek medical treatment or apply for disability benefits.

EFWP offers a variety of services to employees and their families, including one-on-one counselling sessions, 24-hour interactive e-services, lunch and learns, and other resources to promote health and wellness.

Wellness Portal
Everyone needs extra guidance and support when it comes to wellness.  To increase your sense of being and assist you in your aspirations, Diversified offers online health and wellness support and resources. We believe that everyone should have access to our Health and Wellness Companion that offers a broad spectrum of self-help assessments, videos and articles on various topics related to improving mental and physical health, such as:

  • Parenting and nutrition;
  • Understanding and improving relationships;
  • Weight loss strategies;
  • Depression and anxiety;
  • Managing stress and more!

This interactive website companion guides you to be proactive in maintaining your mental and physical health and wellness.