Diversified Rehabilitation Group- physical and psychological rehab specialists throughout British Columbia
Lend a Helping Hand

Diversified Rehabilitation Group: Alive for Wellness provides a wide spectrum of services to Canadians in the area of psysical and psychological well being.

In the area of psychological health we offer three programs:

  1. Traumatic Stress Recovery Program: For individuals suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  2. Mental Health Recovery Program: For individuals suffering from depression and anxiety
  3. Resilient Mind: Suitable for any individual wishing to enhance their psychological wellness

Many individuals who participate in our programs are funded by their insurance companies; however we are continuously being approached by very deserving individuals who need help but simply cannot afford it. In order to address / help those in need, our team came up with a way to not only give back to the communities we live and work in, but also to find a solution which would help the people wanting to help us.

Our team believes what we came up with is a WIN-WIN situation for all: the “HELPING HAND: Banner Advertising”!!!


Banner Advertising is a proven medium for getting your advertising message across, and for promoting your own business. So our idea is simple! We

  • Created a Helping Hand Fund which can help subsidize mental health treatment for those who are in need but otherwise couldn't afford it;
  • Offer banner advertising on our website, which is highly ranked in search engines and gets many visits per day.
  • Use the money we collect from the advertising to subsidize the fund.

A Clinical Treatment Team will review the applications and will allocate the funding to suitable individuals.

We invite all businesses to not only help themselves through effective advertising, but to assist others at the same time!