Diversified Rehabilitation Group- physical and psychological rehab specialists throughout British Columbia
Our most important assets are people!

Mission Statement

Continue to be the best Rehabilitation and Disability Management Company that our clients, employees, and community partners experience by alleviating the human and economic challenges of disability in an ethical, professional, cost effective, and accountable manner.


Our vision is to enhance and expand our client centered services and to become a training ground for various professionals. 


  • Integrity: Consistently being ethical, honest, and transparent.
  • Trust:Being accountable to each other, our clients, our professions, and our community partners.
  • Respect:Ensuring a supportive, collaborative, and courteous service and work environment.
  • Quality:Being committed to client centered services, ongoing innovation, and best practices.


Diversified Rehabilitation Group believes that effective reintegration of employees to the work-site minimizes the loss of employee expertise, resources and productive potential to the employer, and is the best strategy for maintaining an individual's potential and self-worth.


The market for Health and Wellness and Return to Work Rehabilitation services have been in high demand since 2000. The aging labour force, the increase in mental illness, and physical injuries (work and non-work related) and our expertise in disability management continue to support our company’s 5 year strategic plan in a stable and sustainable growth.

Key to Success:

  • Focus on supreme quality of work
  • Continue increasing referral leads while maintaining high quality services
  • Hiring and keeping reliable clinical professionals and support staff who grasp the company mission and share the same concern for people
  • Leadership development of staff
  • Creating incentives by allowing the office staff to benefit from increased profits
  • Comprehensive wellness portal that provides 24/7 online access to self help assessments, educational resources and treatment intervention