Registration Costs

  • $499 for Summit Registration
  • $449 for promo code recipients for Summit Registration
  • $100 for dinner with Keynote Speaker (conference attendees/or dinner-only guests)

2018 Health & Wellness Summit!

October 2018 - Kelowna, British Columbia

Theme: "Let's Talk Solutions"

Conference speakers and interactive sessions will focus on how employers can introduce, evaluate, improve and sustain integrated health, safety and wellness initiatives. The 2018 OHW Summit will be highly interactive, providing opportunities for participants to find solutions to their biggest OHS challenges and to learn from other employers’ successes.

Participants at the 2018 Summit will:

  • Acquire practical insights and tools that will help them to implement successful OHW changes in their workplace.
  • Gain practical tips on how to build upon and sustain OHW improvements.
  • Learn about the strategic value of taking a more integrated and holistic perspective to workplace health and safety.
  • Have excellent opportunities for shared learning and networking with other Summit participants.

Who should attend?

  • Professionals in OHS, HR, wellness, and occupational health
  • EAP and disability management professionals
  • Union representatives
  • Members of employee wellness
  • Members of joint occupational health and safety committees
  • Operational managers and supervisors concerned about the health and wellbeing of their teams
  • Consultants and legal and medical professionals practicing in the broadly-defined area of organizational health, safety and wellness