Diversified Rehab is on YOUR side!

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Who do we serve?

We at Diversified Rehabilitation Group are here to make life easier for individuals and/or employees, employers, insurers and law firms looking after employee claims and more.  We are facilitators who bring together a wide array of doctoral level, as well as masters and bachelors level, clinicians with extensive understanding of mental health and Early Intervention, and Return to Work methods and programmes. All clinicians are registered and are in good standing with their respective professional colleges and associations.

What do we or our partners offer?

  • Disability management programmes and services
  • Employee and family wellness programmes and services
  • Psychological services, from dealing with PTSD to a wide range of other issuesservices
  • Vocational rehabilitation services
  • occupational therapy services
  • Employee Benefit Plans

Check out our website at www.diversifiedrehab.ca to view the full details of all the services we offer.

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