Traumatic Stress Recovery Program Success for Clients with PTSD

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The 5-week Traumatic Stress Recovery Program (TSRP) in November 2017, was another success. The TSRP addresses the need for mutual support by developing a therapeutic community. The program supports participants in overcoming their fears and developing strategies that will help them further down the road. Diversified CEO, Derek Sienko,  welcomed participants to the program and stated that “it is not about the journey, it is about the destination and by participating in this program you are committed to removing barriers and unlocking their potential”.

The two professionals who guided participants through the program, Darcy Kuhl (Clinical Counsellor) and Heather Etmanski (Registered Kinesiologist), stated that attending the program requires courage because it can be intense. Heather focused on different techniques that were personalized to participants needs, such as using biofeedback and zero-gravity floating. She also helped them develop mindfulness and relaxation strategies to cope with their daily challenges. Darcy added that each participant came into the program with a different challenge but they all worked through the process to find a new beginning.

When participants were asked how they felt about the program their comments were extremely positive. One participant said that the program really helped open doors for them by changing unwanted habits and increasing social support and well-being. Another participant expressed their gratitude for the program and the Diversified Clinic which was, “comfortable, friendly and relaxed”. A highlight of the program for the participants was the use of art as therapy and the separation and balance of individual work and group work which provided a great foundation for the participants to continue to grow after the program ended.

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