Our Disability Management and Return-to-Work Services assist small, medium, and large employers across Canada to focus on their core business goals while enjoying freedom from managing work-related injuries, short-term and long-term disability claims.

We offer three customized membership plans, Bronze, Silver, and Gold, which include access to qualified Disability Management and Return-to-Work professionals, medical experts, employment lawyers, and a broad range of health and safety tools and resources.

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GAP Analysis

A GAP analysis will help us to select the right membership plan based on your goals. Through data gathering and verification methods (document review and worksite visit), we provide a report with recommendations.

Claims Management

Claims management for occupational and non-occupational injuries and illnesses includes case management, medical coordination, treatment management, return-to-work planning, and expedited medical referrals for treatment.

Claims Adjudication

Claims adjudication includes obtaining and reviewing medical information and then accepting or denying them on the basis of the organization’s provisions or coverage.

WCB Claims Management

We can assist employers with their WCB claims to ensure they are in compliance with WorkSafeBC requirements and that they avoid unnecessary costs associated with WCB claims. We also assist with WCAT appeals if required.

For more information on our Disability Management Program, contact us at info@diversifiedrehab.ca.