An Independent Medical Evaluation or a Medical Legal Assessment is an objective assessment of a client’s diagnosis, mental and or physical impairment(s), and prognosis for recovery.

Types of Medical Legal Assessments available:

Psychological and Psychovocational
Neuro-Psychological Assessment
Psychological Assessment
Cognitive Assessment
Independent Psychological Assessment (Expert Opinion)

Occupational Therapy
Functional Capacity Evaluation
Cognitive Functional Evaluation
Cost of Future Care (Expert Opinion)

Vocational Rehabiliation
Legal Employability Assessment
Vocational Assessment (Expert Opinion)

Based on the comprehensive assessments, medical background review of the client’s history, and an in-person interview, the examining clinician (i.e. Physician, Psychologist, Neuropsychologists, Psychiatrists, Occupational Therapists, and Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants) generates a detailed report with a prognosis, timelines for recovery, treatment recommendations, and expected outcomes of recommended treatment interventions. There are many professionals in our office that are qualified to give expert witness testimony.