Unlock Your Potential.

Diversified Rehabilitation Group helps individuals and organizations recover from physical and psychological ailments and disabilities through integrative professional care. how we can help you

What is Diversified Rehabilitation Group?

We are a Canadian disability management and rehabilitation company dedicated to aiding our clients in realizing their potential. We offer return-to-work and treatment services to individuals, employers, unions, law firms, and insurance companies.

We help individuals and organizations begin their journey to recovery.

Quality Care That Works For You

Diversified’s team consists of highly-qualified, personable, and experienced clinicians with an extensive understanding of mental and physical health. All clinicians are registered and in good standing with their respective professional colleges and associations.

Our Clients

We provide services to individuals and small, medium and large organizations, including unions, insurance companies and law firms. We work with all concerned parties to develop realistic and achievable return-to-work goals and timelines.

“Diversified Rehabilitation Group has been providing vocational rehabilitation services, job search assistance, community occupational therapy services and psychological services for our clients in the province of British Columbia. It has been a pleasure working with Diversified Rehabilitation Group’s professional team. They have been responsive to our needs and consistently provided quality services to our clients as well as achieved excellent vocational outcomes. I would not hesitate to highly recommend Diversified Rehabilitation Group for the provision of services for persons with a disability and would be pleased to provide additional feedback on the quality of their work.”

- J.Quinlan, Manager of Vocational Services, WCB Saskatchewan

“I was very impressed with how I was treated. I also found it refreshing to have the same person deal with me during my entire rehab time, unlike my previous experience with the uncaring people ….that made my recovery from hernia surgery a living hell. Thank you so much for making me feel like a human being.”

- Survey Reply

I found the setting and environment at your offices to be very comfortable. The Team at Diversified is very warm and engaging, adding to the calm setting.

- Client Survey Response