Diversified Rehabilitation Group views the Employee and Family Wellness Program (EFWP) as the most instrumental prevention and intervention tool in maintaining individuals’ health and wellness. Effective EFWP must focus on prevention and on an individual’s needs while restoring an individual’s balance and function, at their workplace and outside of the working environment. Therefore, understanding the workplace needs, culture and the individual’s needs are crucial aspects of both the individual and the organization’s well-being.

Health Risk Assessment

During the implementation phase of EFWP, Diversified conducts a Health Risk Assessment (HRA) of the entire organization and its members which serves as a baseline for intervention. This baseline helps us to establish the needs of the participants which are then used to generate an action/intervention plan for your organization.

Counselling & Training

Diversified has an experienced team of clinicians, with up to 27 years of experience in providing clinical treatment services. Diversified’s clinical team has extensive experience working with adults, couples, adolescents, children, and families struggling with emotional and mental health concerns. Our team is well versed in providing therapeutic intervention for a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, bereavement/grief, substance abuse, anger, problem gambling, nutrition, eating disorders, brain injuries, learning disabilities, trauma, violence, conflict resolution, stress management, harassment, chronic pain, family / marital issues, parenting, and career counselling.

Wellness Portal

The Employee and Family Wellness Program Portal is a complete interactive employee and family member wellness experience that integrates online tools with health-care coaching and worksite initiatives. It focuses on preventing mental or physical illness and reversing or reducing the impact of illness. Our portal contains and confidentially stores an individual’s “Health Tracker” which includes mental health, relationship health, lifestyle health, and addiction assessment tools, in combination with the ability to store any regular medical tests that an individual takes. Furthermore, Diversified’s portal also includes worksite initiatives (i.e. weight management challenge, a walking program, etc.), interactive resources to health-related sites, calorie/nutrition counters, meal planners, healthy recipes, ergonomics, children’s health resources, and much more.

Wellness Portal Login

Crisis Line

Clients have access to our 24-Hour Crisis Line in case they need immediate services. Our 24-Hour Crisis Line operates 365 days a year and is operated by our trained staff.